About us

Based in Switzerland Thriving Finance was founded by Gilles Gastaud in 2014.
Gilles is a legal expert specialized in business and fiscal law. He benefits from more than 15 years of experience in private banking and independant asset management.

Thriving Finance is an experienced and dynamic professionnals team allying boldness and wisdom, tradition and innovation.

Our client is at the center of our action.

Thriving Finance does not have any financial incentive in selling products nor to churn your portfolio.
We select the best mutual funds for you. As we don't recveive any retrocession, we can negociate lower management fees and are free to sell the funds at any time whenever we feel it appropriate.


Respect and attention
We respect your wealth and are very conscious of the trust you put in our company.
Our first priority is to understand your expectations. We will invest all the time and necessary attention in this purpose.

Excellence and performance
Thriving Finance defends your interests with pugnacity and determination.
We can be your most faithfull ally among your financial partners.
Freed from any conflicts of interests, our sole objective is to deliver the best performance and quality of relationship.

Trust and consistance
Based on a strong relationship made of trust and respect, we offer the most and trully personalised solutions.
We only invest in what we understand. Every investment decision is guided by common sense and simplicity.
Questionning is also a pilar of our investment method.
Over performing the markets is a challenge on the long run: discipline and perseverance are key to success.

Thriving Finance is established in Geneva.
Switzerland is an economically strong country which benefits from one of the most stable political and institutionnal system in the world.
The swiss financial place is ranking first in private asset management worldwide.
Highly skilled and educated people as well as a predictable law and tax structure are providing the best environment for us and for our clients.